4 best male enhancement pills from Amazon in 2022

There are different male enhancement supplements available online and in-store. Customer reviews from favorites to the least sellable it’s very important for Amazon to identify which one should be on Amazon Prime. But, most of these products are not available online anymore. Why? Members notice that not all of them are natural or have no side effects.

Below we’ll talk about why is it not safe and different examples of what’s inside of these supplements. 

How Safe Is Male Enhancement Pills From Amazon?

There are many different types of male enhancement pills on Amazon, from brands that not even stores will ever get in person. Some active ingredients are safe to use under the supervision of a professional but it’s not approved to be sold online. More than 80% of Amazon brands are not FDA approved and contain dangerous ingredients.

 Below we should a list of undeclared active ingredients that male enhancement pills might contain:

  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Sibutramine
  • Desmethylsibutramine
  • Phenolphthalein
  • Fluoxetine

Most Amazon supplements contain undeclared active ingredients that consumers should be aware are not safe for everyday intake, especially if you have a medical condition.

⚠️ For your safety, we suggest you have a look at our Best Male Enhancement Pills on the market‘s List.

They are safe to consume, with natural ingredients, and most of them can be found in-store or on their official website. 

We recommend taking supplements that are backed up by experts, first-hand reviews, and ingredients that will benefit your health and not suffer from side effects. 

4 best male enhancement

The 4 Best Male Enhancement Pills On Amazon

After some research on Amazon, we review the best 4 male enhancement pills that Amazon Prime members rate the best, consume the most, and have a positive result. We’ll list ingredients, benefits, who is it for and how does it work. 

There’s not that much information as the supplements are just sold on Amazon and not indifferent retail. Below are the top-rated products:

1. Prime Lab’s – Men’s test booster and natural stamina

Prime Lab’s men booster is not only an enhancement pill, but it’s also an energy supplement for working out. It gives you the stamina to be up and ready for any activity throughout the day. 

Around 82,081 reviews have been submitted on Amazon about Prime Lab which is rated 4/5 stars. Prime Lab is listed as made in the U.S.A.

prime.labs .men .test .booster.1

Benefits of Prime Lab:

  • Boost stamina
  • Better recovery
  • Vitality
  • Cognitive performance
  • Focus
  • Muscle nourishment

How does it work?

Prime Lab is a men’s supplement intended to boost stamina, performance, and testosterone. Only men 18 years and older can take Prime Lab. It contains 60 capsules in each bottle and consumers are recommended to take 2 capsules per day. It’s advertised as “build stronger muscles”.

Prime Lab is currently unavailable on Amazon and does not give you extra options on where to buy it. It’s not FDA-approved and prevents or cures any disease (ED).


  • Horny goat weed
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Calcium
  • Stearic acid
  • Silica

Who is Prime Lab for:

Prime Lab is exclusively for men who are looking for better energy and not crash during their day-to-day activities. Most of the reviews on Amazon are…” It changed my life!”, “Happy wife, happy life!”, and so much more talking about the incredible changes they had.

But there are also comments on side effects, not effective…etc. From our overview, we don’t recommend supplements that are not made out of 100% organic ingredients and that can be harmful if you have another condition like high blood pressure.

2. Havasu Nutrition L Arginine male enhancing supplement

Havasu is not only advertised as a male-enhancing pill, but also it’s a supplement that helps with heart support, energy, and endurance. It doesn’t focus on just one target, but instead on multiple so you can have it all in one pill.

It’s one of the least informative supplements on Amazon and has multiple bottles of products for the public. 


Benefits of Havasu Nutrition

  • Better performance 
  • Blood flow
  • Better stamina
  • Muscle nourishment 
  • Boost protein synthesis

How does it work ?

Havasu Nutrition L Arginine works with males 18 years and older and looking for a booster of energy and expansion. There are 60 and 120 capsules in each bottle, depending on what size you buy. Havasu is listed under Vascular Health on Amazon, which means is more of a health than an enhancement pill 

Currently, Havasu Nutrition is unavailable online. Most men enhancement pills on Amazon are not available or discontinued. Which they might have been taken down for not being approved or health regulations. 


  • L arginine HCI
  • AAKG
  • L citrulline
  • Beetroot powder

Who is Havasu Nutrition for ?

Havasu Nutrition L Arginine is the least male supplement we research from Amazon. Even with more than 38,855 from today and rated 4.2/5 stars, its characteristic doesn’t match to benefit someone with Erectile Dysfunction. 

It’s not recommended for customers with heart disease or high blood pressure. From our review, it’s the least supplement to choose from the lack of ingredients, not target to ED, and not enough information to backup. 

3. Goliath Labs – Men’s test booster and natural stamina

Goliath Labs “Ejaculoid” is listed as a natural ingredient supplement, that includes vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It boosts physical performance, libido, and orgasms intensity. It advertises it will resolve your ED problems and metabolism with its natural ingredients.

Ejaculoid is made in the U.S.A. and it’s currently not available any more on Amazon, as it is not approved by the FDA. 

goliath abs 3

Benefits of Goliath Labs:

  • Libido booster
  • Mood stabilizer
  • Boost confidence
  • Blood circulation
  • Stronger orgasms 
  • Heavy release

How does it work ?

Goliath Labs is exclusively for men ages 18 and older. It’s recommended to take 2 capsules per day in a 60 capsules bottle for at least 7 days continuously to see results. So far it has 133 reviews and 4.1/5 stars which so far has been the least reviewed product on Amazon. 

Its purpose is to cure men from ED and maximize their pleasurable time through stronger orgasms, heavier release, and increased drive. It advertises fully organic ingredients, but a small amount of doses in the formula contradicts otherwise. 


  • Silicon dioxide
  • Gelatin
  • Xanthoparmelia extract
  • Cnidium extract
  • GABA
  • Maca extract
  • Horny goat weed extract

Who is Goliath Labs ejaculoid for ?

Goliath Labs is for boosting their stamina, strength, and orgasms during sexual activities. While Ejaculoid specifies the supplement is 100% natural ingredients after research we concluded that small doses of gelatin, silicon, and Cnidium were found in the formula. 

Once again, we do not recommend buying this product as it is not approved by the FDA and has not been clinically tested. Some online reviews explained how they experienced some side effects or the product was not effective for their condition. 

4. Tribulus Terrestris for men and women

Tribulus is a male and women-enhancing supplement for boosting energy, stamina, and performance. It’s made in the U.S.A. and it’s listed with organic ingredients for the best quality and wellness. 

It’s listed with the same benefits and functions for both men and women, which we will talk about below how it’s not the same for both and how it affects. 

tribulus terretris ashwangndha review

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris:

  • Boost energy
  • Better stamina
  • Better performance
  • Stronger orgasms

How does it work ?

Tribulus Terrestris is recommended to take 2 capsules per day and the bottle lasts 3 months. It’s advertised as gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO…etc. There’s a difference in dosage between a man and a woman, but they don’t specify if there’s a difference or any side effects.

From research, we concluded it’s not safe, especially for women to take a supplement that hasn’t been clinically tested and doesn’t know the difference between intakes. 


  • Panax ginseng
  • Saw palmetto
  • Shilajit
  • Black pepper
  • Maca
  • Ashwagandha

Who is Tribulus Terrestris for ?

Tribulus Terrestris is a supplement for both men and women to help boost energy and stamina during sexual activities. After researching and reading many comments from Amazon members many expressed how in the bottle some ingredients were not organic. It’s not effective for a supplement to be targeted to both men and women to have the same effect.

Currently, Tribulus Terrestris is not available on Amazon and is not approved by the FDA. It has 4.3/5 stars and 2,660 reviews so far. 

Why can’t I list male enhancement pills on Amazon ?

Our conclusion, after researching different supplements on Amazon we concluded how the online store is selling more about the profit than knowing they’re harming other people with their harsh chemicals. Most products are actually now available after not being approved by the FDA.

We do not recommend taking these supplements that not only are not professionally tested, the ingredients are not organic, and too many functions that in the end don’t meet the standards. 
If you have tried any of these supplements please comment below and let us know how was your experience buying on Amazon.

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