The 7 benefits of cayenne pepper sexually

We have recently been talking about the different supplements or foods that men can use to improve their sexual performance.

We know that the sexual area is an important part of the development of any person, which is why it is increasingly common for men to seek different alternatives to improve their sexual performance.

It is more and more common that we can find products such as cayenne pepper on the market that can help against erectile dysfunction.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of cayenne pepper? In this article, we tell you everything.

What is cayenne pepper ?

First of all, it is important to mention that in addition to its characteristic spicy flavor, the cayenne pepper is endowed with multiple vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin B6.

Do you know where and why it has that well-known spicy flavor? The one in charge of giving the cayenne pepper a spicy flavor is the substance known as capsaicin, it is also responsible for providing its multiple benefits.

Another important fact to mention is that a fresh cayenne pepper contains at least 72% of the recommended dose of vitamin C that we should consume, at least 50% of vitamin A.

Even if you consume it in powder form, with just one tablespoon, your body will be taking 15% of vitamin A.

Benefits of cayenne pepper 

Below we explain the different benefits that you can obtain from the consumption of cayenne pepper.

1- Improve erections 

Cayenne pepper is an ally of men to improve their erections naturally, thanks to the fact that it is responsible for dilating the arteries, which improves blood circulation.

Improving your blood circulation increases the probability that at the time of having sexual intercourse, you will sustain better erections.

Of course, none of this is magic, but if you consume it consistently, you will surely see certain results.

2- Increase testosterone levels

According to experts, it is proven that cayenne pepper and other types of spicy foods can help men improve their testosterone levels.

What are the benefits of improving testosterone levels? As we have already mentioned in other articles, improving testosterone levels improves and increases the volume of semen, thus increasing the size of ejaculations, which translates into better orgasms and better sex drive.

3- Improve sexual stamina 

Cayenne pepper is a source of energy, so consuming it frequently increases your energy levels.

Why do we care about energy levels? If it increases your energy, likely, it will also increase your sexual stamina and if it improves your sexual stamina it improves your sexual performance.

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4- Helps in weight loss

Another benefit of cayenne pepper is that it is an excellent thermogenic which benefits speeds up the weight loss process.

Being thermogenic, causes your metabolism to speed up and this translates into weight and fat loss.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is very common to use cayenne pepper in supplements that benefit weight loss.

5- Contains capsaicin 

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, many of the beneficial properties of cayenne pepper are due to its capsaicin content.

Cayenne pepper contains compounds called capsaicinoids, capsaicin being the predominant one. Among the benefits of capsaicin we can find:

How do these benefits impact your sex life? On other occasions, we have already discussed how a good state of blood circulation helps improve erections. If capsaicin improves blood sugar levels, then it also improves your circulation, and if your circulation improves, this helps you to have stronger and longer-lasting erections.

6-  It is an aphrodisiac

Another reason why cayenne pepper can help improve your sexual performance is that experts believe that its consumption helps release endorphins, which improves people’s moods.

In addition to this, they will improve the sensation of pain in the body, which can cause the feeling of euphoria.

The feeling of euphoria benefits us to enjoy sex life more since it is necessary that we feel emotionally and physically well to enjoy sex more.

7- Increase libido 

Cayenne pepper is an excellent tool to improve blood circulation, thanks to capsaicin.

Blood capsaicin improves blood flow throughout the body and of course, this also benefits the sexual organs, increasing libido, because as we know, the penis needs adequate blood flow to maintain an erection for a certain time.

Pros and Cons of cayenne pepper 

Like any food, product, supplement, and even superfood, the cayenne pepper has several positive aspects and others that, although not negative as such, can define that not all men can consume it frequently or incorporate it into their daily routine.

Here are the pros and cons of consuming cayenne pepper.

Improves blood circulationCan irritate the digestive system 
Helps increase libidoIs not good for people with gastroesophageal reflux disease 
Improves testosteroneIs not for people with irritable bowel syndrome 
Helps in pain relief
Improves athletic performance
Helps maintain good blood sugar levels
May contribute to weight loss
Improves semen volume

Side effects of cayenne pepper 

Although the consumption of cayenne pepper does not cause an adverse effect as such, if you have a sensitive stomach, or are not used to eating spicy foods, we recommend that you gradually incorporate it into your daily diet; since it can cause you a feeling of heartburn, itchy lips.

As we also did not mention in the table above, it is recommended for people suffering from reflux, gastritis, and colitis and for those suffering from lazy bowel syndrome.

How to take cayenne pepper ? 

Being a superfood, cayenne pepper is easy to consume and add to your daily diet because you can buy it in different presentations, either fresh or in powder, and as a spice. It is easy to find in the market and to add to almost all kinds of dishes.

As we had already told you, of course, it is not magic. To see results in your sexual health, you must consume it frequently.

Did you know that even chocolate made in Mexico can contain cayenne pepper?

We share different ways to add it to your daily diet and that you will surely love practice.

  • Mexican hot chocolate: This drink is ideal if you want to drink something hot during the winter and it is a very easy way to add cayenne pepper without much complication since you only have to add a little in the cup with the chocolate, mix it and that’s it.
  • Mix them with any sautéed food: if you prefer to add it to your dinners or meals, chop them, empty them into a pan and sauté them, then add it with any protein such as salmon, chicken, or meat.


According to different experts mention, specifically, the University of Maryland Medical, the recommended regular dose of cayenne pepper ranges from 30 mg to 120 mg and can be consumed one to three times a day.


How much cayenne pepper should you take a day ?

Let us remember that the cayenne pepper does not have any medical contraindications, so the amount you want to consume can be decided by you.

However, certain factors must be taken into account, such as if you have a sensitive stomach, try to take it in moderation, likewise, if you suffer from gastritis, colitis, or have stomach ulcers, we also recommend that its consumption be moderate.

On the other hand, experts also mention that its consumption can be done daily, from one to three times a day and 30 mg to 120 mg.

Does cayenne pepper burn belly fat ?

We have already mentioned the benefits of cayenne pepper as an agent that can help accelerate weight loss, thanks to the fact that it acts as an excellent thermogenic, causing the metabolism to speed up and generating a positive effect on fat loss and weight.

Does cayenne pepper clean arteries ?

Cayenne pepper is proven to help improve blood circulation and this has different benefits such as better stamina, increased performance, better erections, longer-lasting sexual intercourse, and increased libido, among many others.

Is it ok to eat cayenne pepper every day ?

The results of the cayenne pepper can be observed better when its intake is continuous or regular.

Previously we have already mentioned the benefits of this superfood. However, it should be noted that in addition to the benefits in men’s sexual performance, you can also see results in reducing stress, blood circulation, heart conditions, etc.

So we conclude that it is okay to consume it daily, as long as you do not have a sensitive stomach and suffer from certain problems in the digestive system.

As you can see, the cayenne pepper is a superfood that is very easy to incorporate into your diet since you can find it in almost all types of food. It is easy to get, has an affordable price, and in general, it is a very good tool when you have certain goals such as improving your sexual performance, endurance and testosterone levels.

Likewise, it is a good product to incorporate into your diet when you are looking to lose fat and weight.

Dare to try more dishes with cayenne pepper, surely you will give a delicious flavor to your food.

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