Performer 8 VS VigrX Plus – Which one is the best in 2022?

When we think of two of the cleanest best performing men enhancement pills on the market we know it’s got to be VigrX Plus and Performer 8. They’re two of the most popular among customers and online by how natural their ingredients are and the results many see after a few weeks. 

We will do research, analyze, and rate the best features for these two products. From who has the best ingredients, price, customer service, pros and cons of each bottle, and more to determine which one you should try next time you’re looking for an enhancement supplement online

VigrX Plus Vs Performer 8 Overview

VigrX Plus and Performer 8 goal is to bring out the best version of every man. Make them feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly achieve their sexual desire. Both products are designed to help whoever is struggling with erectile dysfunction have a more consistent performance and stability in their sex life. 

VigrX Plus (Winner 🏆)Performer 8

Better for 
3 month supply: $138.00
6 month supply: $200.00
12 month supply: $299.00
90 capsules: $64.99
270 capsules: $129.99
540 capsules: $194.99
Men who have ED and difficulty performing and enjoying sexual activities. For men who are struggling with self-confidence and performance. 
The maximum period of consumption
Between 3-4 months. Take 2 weeks break and then start again.More than 30 days
2 tablets per day3 tablets per day
Hawthorn berry – stimulates blood flow
Damiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse 
Catuaba bark extract – helps to improve libido
Saw palmetto– boosts testosterone levels
Muira pauma bark extract – helps improve loss of libido
Muira pauma – improves blood circulation
Ferrous bis-glycinate – best erections
Glucuronolactone – blood vessels protection
Maca root extract- aphrodisiac
Panax ginseng- improves erections
Grape seed extract- improves blood flow
KSM-66- improves testosterone levels 
Pine bark extract- improves sexual satisfaction 
Horny goat weed- libido enhancer

What Is VigrX Plus?

VigrX Plus has been a winner among all the male enhancement pills. Its natural ingredients help users adapt to the treatment more easily and have faster results. The main functions when consuming VigrX Plus is stronger orgasms, a boost of energy, and amazing self-confidence for sexual activities. 

It also has an amazing price bundle that helps customers easily have access to try this treatment. As well you can find VigrX Plus in their official online store, some third-party retailers online, and some supplement physical stores to make it more convenient for users to find for everyday use when needed. 

VigrX Plus has its pros and cons like every product in the market, so after research and taking into consideration many members’ comments/reviews we did an overview of VigrX to summarize everything that’s important to know before buying. Listed below are some top pros and cons for VigrX Plus. 

PROS – Virgx PlusCONS – Virgx Plus
Longer lasting erectionsSome side effects
Made with 100% natural ingredientsSometimes just available online
Two-month money-back guarantee
Better control of ejaculation

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What Is Performer 8?

Performer 8 has been one of the most talked-about products on the internet. Most comments and reviews rate how good their results and benefits are to their customers. It helps men with ED combat that struggle by giving them more energy, stability, and most importantly stamina for better sex life. 

It’s one of the safest options when it comes to men enhancement pills, as it doesn’t report side effects among its customers and all ingredients are clean, gluten-free, and vegan which no other product offers. 

Performer 8 has its pros and cons as well when it comes to different products, so after research and taking into consideration many members’ comments/reviews we did an overview of Performer 8 to summarize everything that’s beneficial to know if it’s the right product for you. Listed below are some top pros and cons for Performer 8. 

PROS – Performer 8CONS – Performer 8
Little side effectsResults after 30 days
Harder erectionsIt is not suitable for men who take medication
It’s vegan and gluten-freeOnly online
Natural ingredients 

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Do VigrX Plus Or Performer 8 Works Best For You?

Both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 are the best supplements in the market for a reason. They have the same purpose, and same performance but ingredients, benefits, and treatment vary depending on how each customer feels while taking the pills. 

We will learn in this article how each product benefits from its ingredients, why is it important, what benefits get the best from consuming the pills according to their dosage, and what side effects can men have if taking the supplement. 

Each section below will determine a winner in different options depending on our research and customer review. Which one will end up being the best… VigrX Plus or Performer 8?

Which One Has The Best Ingredients?

VigrX Plus and Performer 8 both have similar ingredients but different at the same time by having different functions in each ingredient. VigrX Plus has always been known for its 100% natural ingredients and for not having a negative impact on other organs during treatment. It also doesn’t present side effects. 

Performer 8 is one of the few products that has an extensive list of ingredients that are mostly all clean. Each ingredient has a function from blood circulation, better erections, and sexual satisfaction. Performer 8 is the only men enhancement pill to be vegan and gluten-free, which opens an amazing market to all vegan consumers.  

Listed below is the complete list of ingredients for each supplement. 

Performer 8VigrX Plus
Muira pauma – improves blood circulationHawthorn berry – stimulates blood flow
Ferrous bis-glycinate – best erectionsDamiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse
Glucuronolactone – blood vessels protectionCatuaba bark extract – helps to improve libido 
Maca root extract- aphrodisiacSaw palmetto – boosts testosterone levels
Panax ginseng- improves erectionsMuira pauma bark extract – helps improve loss of libido
Grape seed extract- improves blood flow
KSM-66- improves testosterone levels 
Pine bark extract- improves sexual satisfaction
Horny goat weed- libido enhancer

After analyzing both supplements ingredients we can review that Performer 8 has a better component performance. Both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 deliver excellent results and meet the consumers’ expectations of clean ingredients. But Performer 8 has a better group of quality ingredients that make the treatment succeed faster. 

Performer 8 online reviews/comments explained how quickly they saw changes from stronger orgasms, better stamina, and most importantly sexual satisfaction. We also analyze both pills’ side effects and Performer 8 users rate they didn’t experience discomfort while taking the treatment. 

After researching and testing each product differently,  we concluded that Performer 8 has a more effective, natural, and most importantly vegan effect than Vigrx Plus. For the best ingredients:

Performer 8 wins. 

VigrX Plus VS Performer 8: Side Effects

After reviewing both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 ingredients that can lead to side effects, we concluded that both supplements have different end results. The recommended treatment time frame is crucial to keep a designated order and strict healthy performance.

It’s very important if you’re experiencing side effects during treatment to consult a doctor before concluding the pills without having a medical opinion first. We analyzed different user reviews and rated each product to determine the intensity and quality of each side effect while consuming the supplements.

Listed below, we will see how most members online review their side effects as well as analyzing on how different each product is.

Performer 8VigrX Plus
Possible Allergies Light to mild headaches
Allergy issues

We can see both supplements have little to no side effects. VigrX Plus has an extra side effect but it is very rare/mild. Performer 8 has almost no user reports of some type of side effect.

After reviewing and comparing, we concluded that VigrX Plus is the best product when it comes to no side effects and still keeping everything clean with their natural ingredients.

VigrX Plus wins. 

** (It is important to be aware of any side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking that specific product or switch to a different one. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.)**

Pricing And Special Offers

Both supplements Performer 8 and VigrX Plus are sold online thru their official website as well as third-party e-commerce. VigrX Plus is the only one that’s sold as well in physical supplement stores where for many people it’s very convenient. 

For each product, there are different special price offers and bottle sizes. VigrX Plus has a 100-days guarantee of money back if their customers are not happy with the results. Performer 8 has just a 30-day back policy, to see if their users are satisfied with the product. For both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus, the suggested dosage is just 2 and 3 pills per day. 

Listed below we analyze the different month supply bundles for 

Performer 8  and VigrX Plus and the price difference for capsules/supply for online retail in each product.

Performer 8VigrX Plus
90 capsules: $64.992 month supply: $129.00
270 capsules: $129.993-month supply: $179.00
540 capsules: $194.996-month supply: $210.94
12-month supply: $589.00

After reviewing and analyzing both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus to the different capsules and monthly bundles discounts we can conclude that Performer 8 has a better price offer than VigrX Plus. For the best price per pill consumption daily supply as an online supplement. 

Performer 8 wins.

Reviews/Customer Support

Both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 have amazing customer support on their official website. They will respond thru email, online chat or phone call it depends on what the user feels more comfortable communicating with the brand representative. 

VigrX Plus has an amazing online rate and perfect in-store reviews by its loyal customers. Their customer support always reaches out to them to make sure they are comfortable with the product. Performer 8 has very good reviews and comments online, but not having a physical store many customers don’t make a strong connection with the brand. 

After researching various comments and reviews both from VigrX Plus and Performer 8 customer service feedback, we believe that VigrX Plus has the best positive customer interaction and loyalty than Performer 8. For the best product review experience as well as customer analysis and customer follow-up. 

VigrX Plus wins.

vigrx plus vs performer 8 photo2

Which One Works The Best?

Both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 products’ goal is to make a functional and comfortable men enhancement treatment that will make customers achieve their desired dream. Which will help ED symptoms like loss of sex drive, stronger erections, and stamina. 

VigrX Plus has everything that a supplement needs and wants. Clean ingredients like hawthorn berry, catuaba bark extract, and saw palmetto. The combination of these components makes men 21 years old and older achieve a positive result.

Performer 8 also has an amazing selection of clean ingredients like grape seed extract, maca root extract, and a small percentage of KSM66 to help improve testosterone levels. This combination of both natural and some synthetic ingredients helps males age 35 and older get great results like stronger orgasms, stronger erections, and better stimulation.

After comparing both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus performance, ingredients, and health benefits with clean and synthetic ingredients for each product we finalize that VigrX Plus has the fittest and most natural performance for most members than Performer 8 did. 

VigrX Plus wins.

Performance: Performer 8 Or VigrX Plus?

VigrX Plus and Performer 8 have a strong positive outcome when it comes to customer rate and getting good product performance. Knowing that customers are satisfied and the supplement is meeting everyone’s standard means their main function and performance are really working therefore the product is successful. 

VigrX Plus users comments talked about a big change from start to finish during treatment. Their sex drive and sexual energy were a big factor in trying the supplement and having an amazing result in less than 3 months, that’s all they wanted! 

Performer 8 online customers have been loyal to the brand by having fast and consistent results every time they’re taking the treatment. Their positive performance with the help of their ingredients like maca root and horny goat weed. It complements their amazing results by showing performance. 

After comparing both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus performance and functions for each product we conclude that Performer 8 has the best positive performance for most men than VigrX Plus. For the best outcome and journey during treatment.

Performer 8 wins. 

Why Did VigrX Plus Win?

Result: VigrX Pus 3 / Performer 8 3

After investigating and analyzing information from both the consumer and reviews we conducted that even after both resulted in the same points, the winner is… VigrX Plus!

We can guarantee that both supplements VigrX Plus and Performer 8 are the best in what they do. Amazing ingredients, perfect performance, and no side effects. 

VigrX Plus clean ingredients and benefits are the top wins among many men’s enhancement pills supplements. The most important and what sets them apart is they always have the most positive natural results and quality with their products that’s why VigrX Plus is the winner. 

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