VigrX Plus VS ProSolution Plus – Which one is the best in 2022?

Two of the best men enhancement pills rated on the internet have to be VigrX Plus and ProSolution. Both products have the best features many users are looking for in today’s necessities. It’s all about natural ingredients, performance, and benefits that will stand that product out. 

In this article, we will talk and debrief the best pros and not-so-good cons of both products so we can get a winner of which supplement comes as the best men enhancement pills in 2022. As described below we will compare everything from ingredients, price, performance, and most importantly the customer’s opinions of what they think of the product after trying it out for a min. 

vs prosolution plus

VigrX Plus VS ProSolution overview

ProSolution and VigrX Plus are two different men enhancement pills that customers rate very highly of their excellent results and outstanding benefits. Below we will list what sets them apart as supplements and each characteristic from natural ingredients, description of each product section.

VigrX Plus (Winner 🏆)ProSolution Plus

Where to get the best price?Where to get the best price?
Get a Discount on VigrX PlusGet a Discount on Prosolution Plus
3 month supply: $138.00
6 month supply: $200.00
12 month supply: $299.00
1 month supply: $69.95
2 month supply: $119.95
3 month supply: $164.95
4 month supply: $209.95
5 month supply: $254.95
6 month supply: $299.95
12 month supply: $429.95
Better forBetter for
Men who have ED and difficulty performing and enjoying sexual activities.Men who are looking for a better performance sexually and a solution to a better sex drive and pleasure.
The maximum period of consumptionThe maximum period of consumption
Between 3-4 months.
Take 2 weeks break and then start again.
Up to 12 months.
2 tablets per day2 tablets per day
Hawthorn berry
Catuaba bark extract 
Saw palmetto 
Muira pauma bark extract
Tribulus terrestris
Withania somnifera
Asparagus adscendens
Mucuna pruriens
Asteracantha longifolia 
Curculigo orchioides  Asphaltum

What Is VigrX Plus?

VigrX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that boosts orgasms, stamina, and performance when performing sexual activities. It’s rated as one of the best pills for men with natural ingredients. It stimulates blood flow and testosterone production. 

It’s recommended to take the right dosage and period of consumption as it is what will show progress. VigrX Plus can be found both online and in-store retail for consumers facility to obtain while in treatment. Their price bundle is very accessible for users to buy and keep consistent results of VigrX Plus

Listed below we will show the positive and negative differences within VigrX Plus that we have analyzed and users have expressed online while taking the product. 

PROS – Virgx PlusCONS – Virgx Plus
Longer lasting erectionsPossible side effects
Made with 100% natural ingredientsMostly found online
Better sexual pleasure
Stronger orgasms

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What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is an online supplement for males who are looking to boost and enhance their sexual drive and struggles. It’s reviewed by many customers to be one of the cleanest and most efficient by having stronger orgasms and the least side effects. 

ProSolution is known online for its amazing reputation of having an amazing, easy transition experience when taking the pills. It brings back your self-confidence and self-satisfaction during sexual activities. 

It’s recommended to keep a constant schedule of dosage as treatment can last up to 12 months. Customers have noticed a positive increase in energy, stamina, and self-confidence. Listed below is a comparison of positive and negative differences between both products. 

PROS – ProSolution PlusCONS – ProSolution Plus
May boost blood flow to the penisThere are traces of stimulants, but not a problem if used as
Made with 100% natural ingredientsIt can only be bought online
It can increase libido
Improves the quality of erections

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Do VigrX Plus or ProSolution Plus works best for You?

Both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus ultimate goal is to make their customers feel comfortable and most importantly self-confidence. They both are characterized by having clean ingredients, amazing performance, and results in instance… but what does that mean? Will they both perform the same? 

In this article with our knowledge and research and user reviews, we will rate each product ingredient, benefit, side effect, and customer service. We will compare each category of each product and pick a winner which one is the best for 2022. 

Listed below we will compare VigrX Plus and ProSolution to find the perfect supplement and winner for 2022. Which one would be the best? VigrX Plus or ProSolution Plus?

Which one has the best ingredients?

VigrX Plus has been one of the most rated and talked about male enhancement supplements in the market for its clean and effective ingredients. Both hawthorn berry and damiana are the highest percentages included in each bottle to stimulate blood flow and nerve impulse. Apart from helping sexually each ingredient also benefits the good health of the body. 

ProSolution Plus another customer favorite in the e-commerce market has as well natural ingredients that boost blood flow and stamina like mucuna pruriens and withania. Listed below are the different natural ingredients that help each supplement achieve the ultimate sexual desire for its users. 

ProSolution PlusVigrX Plus
Tribulus terrestris – increase libido levels Hawthorn berry – stimulates blood flow
Withania somnifera – improves blood flow Damiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse
Asparagus adscendens – premature ejaculationCatuaba bark extract – helps to improve libido 
Mucuna pruriens- sperm volumeSaw palmetto – boosts testosterone levels
Asteracantha longifolia – improstrength Muira pauma bark extract – helps improve loss of libido
Curculigo orchioides – good for testosterone
Asphaltum – improves testosterone levels 

After analyzing and comparing both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus ingredients we can conclude that both have clean, simple effective ingredients. But, customers struggling with ED have commented that VigrX Plus is more effective and has no side effects. 

VigrX Plus quality and dosage suit more customers struggling with erections and orgasms. After much review, and testing we concluded that VigrX Plus has a better performance than ProSolution Plus. For the best ingredients:

VigrX Plus wins. 

VigrX Plus VS ProSolution Plus: Side effects

Both male enhancement supplements, VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus are exposed to having side effects. Depending on each person’s dosage and time during treatment can experience some effects. VigrX Plus has been reviewed as having very rare side effects in a few customers. 

ProSolution Plus natural components help users feel safe and healthy for an easier transition during treatment. We analyzed both products to see the different side effects some customers have experienced during their time. Listed below is a comparison of VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus side effects. 

ProSolution PlusVigrX Plus
VomitingLight to mild headaches
HeadacheAllergy issues

After reviewing each side effect and the impact it has during treatment on the customer, we concluded that VigrX Plus is the best option by having the least reaction and best health effects. For the least amount of side effects:

VigrX Plus wins. 

** (It is important to be aware of the side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking them. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.)

Pricing and special offers

Usually men’s enhancement pills attract their customers by providing a special price bundle when bought in larger quantities. You get a special discount by buying a membership or subscribing to recurrent shipping online to have your pill every day. The daily dosage for both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus is 2 tablets per day to have an effective treatment.

Both products have an amazing return policy and they even have a try-out day guarantee if you don’t think one of the products is the right fit for you. Listed below we analyzed and compare the different monthly supply plans for ProSolution Plus and VigrX Plus and cost difference/special offers. 

ProSolution PlusVigrX Plus
1 month supply: $69.952 month supply: $129.00
2 month supply: $119.953 month supply: $179.00
3 month supply: $164.956 month supply: $210.94
6 month supply: $299.9512 month supply: $589.00
12 month supply: $429.95

After reviewing and comparing both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus to each monthly supply and discount per bottle depending on the dosage we can conclude that ProSolution Plus has a better price offer and price per bottle for a continuous monthly treatment.  For the best price per bottle supply:

ProSolution Plus wins.

Reviews/customer support

Online retail it’s the most important channel for many supplements. Having a good review, positive comment or a plus verified user rating it’s what is going to give credibility to your product while selling without a physical store. 

Both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus have amazing online reviews about their outstanding customer service online. They also have a high volume of in-store sales that keeps bringing back customers for their amazing one-to-one customer service.

After analyzing both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus customer service comments and subscribers that have been using the treatment for years we concluded that ProSolution Plus has the best customer support online, the best reviews for their good customer service, and has a positive impact while using VigrX Plus. For the best customer support and online positive review: 

ProSolution Plus wins.

vigrx plus vs prosolution plus photo2

Which one works the best?

Males between the ages of 35-70 years old struggle with ED and lose their self-confidence to feel and have pleasurable sexual activities. ProSolution Plus is positioned as one of the best supplements in the market, but many customers have commented they do experience some side effects while on treatment.

VigrX Plus has been rated the highest effective enhancement supplement that many men feel comfortable using for having great natural ingredients, good performance, and an affordable price discount. Most of its ingredients help have stronger orgasms, boost testosterone, and have hard stamina. 

After comparing both ProSolution Plus and VigrX Plus side effects and benefits for each consumer and subscriber we conclude that VigrX Plus has the best increase outcome for most users than ProSolution Plus. For the best outcome of providing effective treatment:

VigrX Plus wins.

Performance: VirgX Plus or ProSolution Plus?

Both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus customers saw a difference in their performance while taking the supplement. Each body reacts differently but while taking the pills customers saw an increase in energy, stamina, and self-confidence.

ProSolution Plus users saw an increase in stronger orgasms, a boost of testosterone, and ejaculation while performing sexual activities. Their performance was more consistent and their ability to have a stronger stamina every day without feeling tired. 

After comparing both ProSolution Plus and VigrX Plus performance and effects for each user we conclude that ProSolution Plus has the best outcome for most users than VigrX Plus. For the best performance of providing positive and consistent treatment:

ProSolution Plus wins. 

Why did VigrX Plus win?

Result: VigrX Pus 3 / ProSolution Plus 3

After comparing, reviewing, and analyzing both VigrX Plus and ProSolution Plus’s pros and cons we can conclude that even after having a very similar win, the winner is… VigrX Plus!

VigrX Plus has been a winner among many other enhancement pills for their least side effects feelings, amazing performance, and good clean ingredients that have an effective outcome for each sexual performance. 
Any ED customer should definitely start their VigrX Plus journey if they are looking to change their sex drive and still have a healthy and easy lifestyle. They will definitely see results as quickly as possible and feel a positive impact on their persona and sex life. This is why VigrX Plus wins, again!

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